Skin is the largest organ of the human body. Your skin serves as a “shield” to protect you from bacterias, viruses, and other potentially harmful agents that you come into physical contact with every day.

It is very important to protect this vital organ and keep it healthy as we age. For example, the skin is exposed almost every day to sunlight, which is good in short doses as it allows your body to absorb important nutrients like Vitamin D, but can be bad if exposed for longer periods due to UV radiation.

There are many OTC Hand and Body Lotion products available, but what are the main differences in these products? First, there are the “every day” lotions--general moisturizers that are focused on basic dry skin and beauty care. Second, there are “specialized” products that are designed by dermatologists for specific skin problems. Third, comes more “therapeutic” models--developed to treat underlying health and skin problems, and finally “niche” products which are used for very personalized and specific skincare needs. Some of these products are available with “sun...


The calendar says March, and that means many of us will soon be feeling the effects of pollen and other seasonal allergens. This problem can be made worse by indoor air pollution, created by cooking, cleaning, and just everyday living.

Pollen, dust, and molds are allergens that cause an inflammation of the mucus lining of the nose called allergic rhinitis—sneezing, runny nose, itchy and watering eyes. What some don’t realize, however, is that many everyday indoor activities contribute to indoor air pollution that can make rhinitis worse. Cooking, for instance, can release many pollutants in to the indoor air. When cooking, open doors and windows and use extractor fans to help ventilate the air. Indoor open fires and some heating systems also produce indoor pollutants. Avoid burning scented candles and incense as they emit compounds that can be problematic. Lemon and pine scented cleaning products can also aggravate symptoms-- while not known to be harmful they can still be converted to compounds that exacerbate allergy problems. Always open windows when cleaning if...



At Warren’s Drug Store, customer service comes first. It’s not just something we say, it’s the services we offer. One service we provide that our competitors do not is compliance packaging, where we package your medications for you in bubble packs custom fit to the times of day you take your medications. No more fumbling through your prescription vials and sorting each medication into pill boxes—save the time and headache by letting us do it for you. Just punch out the medications from the specific day and time and take them. No hassle, no worry, no work.

Compliance packaging has been proven to improve medication adherence or compliance, which studies also show helps to improve overall healthcare outcomes. It is much easier to forget to take your medication when you have to look for the right med in the right bottle at the right time of day. Eliminate the confusion and ask us to help!

We are happy to discuss the details of this program with you at any time, just call and...


Mail order pharmacies have been a problem for patients and independently owned pharmacies for years now. At first, mail order pharmacy was an option, but today it is becoming more and more a requirement of insurance plans. Most mail order pharmacies are either owned by, or affiliated with your insurance plan, and the plans “steer” you either to their in-house pharmacy or an “in-network”, big box, retail chain pharmacy that is also either owned by or affiliated with your insurance plan. They “steer” you by providing incentives like lower, in-network copays if you use the pharmacies they choose, and penalizing you for using pharmacies outside their networks.

5 important reasons to say “NO” to mail order pharmacy:

  • Mail order costs you more money but saves the insurance plan money
  • Steering—insurance plans steer you into their pharmacies or networks by providing incentives that may ultimately cost you more money (Medicare Part D)
  • Waste—mail order pharmacies create much more waste of unused medications which...
dreamstime_m_125631573 (1).jpg

One of the big differences in independently owned pharmacies and their “Big Box” competitors is the diverse, specialized services that can be provided to the community. Certainly, Warren’s Drug Store is going to provide a more personalized pharmacy experience to our customers than that of our competitors. Some of the services we provide are similar to those found elsewhere, like Medication Therapy Management, Automatic filling of maintenance refills, and synchronization of your monthly maintenance prescriptions. However, at Warren’s Drug we are able to go well beyond that. We have just initiated a “Two-way Messaging system”, which allows us to communicate with you via text messaging, thus preventing many of the phone calls between pharmacy and customer. In the coming months, we will be rolling out more specialized services like total cholesterol screening, A1C screening, bone density scans, and body mass index (BMI) testing. Of course we already provide therapeutic hose fitting, as well as human and veterinary flavoring and compounding.

The value and benefit of having an...


On Monday May 18 at 6:00PM we will be hosting our very first VIRTUAL Menopause Monday talk, entitled “Menopause Management: What You Need to Know about Women’s Hormones and Ways to Change the Change”.

We have hosted this talk on numerous occasions in the store and at various locations around Alamance County over the past 10 plus years, incorporating changes to reflect the most current medical protocols. However, due to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic we have moved this month’s talk online. We are looking forward to this new format, with the hope that we may be able to reach even more people through the convenience of their own homes.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of menopause, or are entering peri-menopause, this program is for you.

Some of the most common symptoms include: hot flashes, night sweats, low energy, foggy thinking, mood swings, sleep disturbance, low libido, weight gain, and more.

We will discuss why these symptoms occur, what the health consequences are, and what you can do about it.

Call ahead...


In a previous blog we discussed the many benefits of Elderberry Syrup. Known for its primary function as an immune system booster, Elderberry Syrup has been shown to help prevent or minimize a number of wide-ranging problems.

However, the benefit I’d like to focus on this month is its effects on allergy symptoms. When the human body comes into contact with an allergen, a cascade of events takes place which ultimately results in the manifestation of annoying symptoms—things like sneezing, itchy eyes, coughing, swelling, pain and discomfort. The symptoms are caused by an inflammatory process triggered by the allergen.

As an anti-inflammatory and immune system booster, Elderberry can help prevent or minimize this inflammatory process. In North Carolina, many people suffer from seasonal allergies every spring due to pollen and other allergens. Elderberry can be an important part of an overall plan of defense against these allergens.

Warren’s is proud to be a provider of a locally grown, harvested, and prepared product with fresh, raw ingredients which can better...


The new shingles vaccine is finally available in sufficient supplies to meet demand. Nearly two years after its launch, and after nationwide delays and waiting lists, pharmacies now seem to be able to administer this important vaccine. GSK’s Shingrix is reported to decrease the likelihood of shingles outbreak by over 90%, a substantial increase in protection over Merck’s original vaccine Zostavax. Shingrix is a 2 dose vaccine, with the doses separated by at least 2 months, given intramuscularly usually in the deltoid muscle like a flu shot. Potential side effects include administration site muscle soreness and possible cellulitis—redness and swelling around the site. As with all vaccines, a screening questionnaire is required to determine any other patient specific contraindications to the vaccine.

The vaccine works by boosting the body’s immune system response to an outbreak, which is typically caused when the immune system weakens to a point where the zoster virus activates. Keeping the immune system strong is the best way to avoid shingles, and many other...


December is a prime month to get sick. Many of us have children who bring home “bugs” from school, the weather is more conducive to the sharing and spread of germs, and the joys and stresses of the Christmas season make it more likely that we come down with something.

Can we wash our hands enough to avoid it? Not always. It really does come down to the immune system, our final firewall against sickness. Unfortunately, so many things can weaken the immune system: stress, germs, medications, current ailments, and many chronic health conditions, and anything we can do to strengthen it will ultimately help prevent disease.

Elderberry is one such thing. There are many benefits to Elderberry, but at the top of the list is its primary function as an immune system booster.

Studies have been conducted and Elderberry has been shown to help prevent and minimize the severity of common colds and flu, act as an anti-inflammatory in the treatment of sinus infections, improve bowel disorders like constipation, promote healthy skin, ease allergies, and possibly even help prevent...


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. There are so many of us who have been impacted by the terrible effects of cancer, and more specifically for October, by breast cancer.

Mammograms, screenings, and preventive medicine have drastically affected cancer rates and improved outcomes and overall health and wellness for a generation of women. There is more work to do, particularly in the areas of research, development, education, and implementation of newer, smarter standards of care.

The science of Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, with its focus on patient-centered, custom-made and dosed hormones designed specifically for an individual based on their physiological needs is evolving to the forefront of this standard of care. Coupling this with hormone saliva testing, a scientific snapshot of an individual’s overall hormone balance is a good place to start.

If you have questions about Hormone Replacement Therapy in the 21st century, call us. We also will be offering a free, educational seminar entitled: “...


Hormone Replacement Therapy has evolved over the years as the medical profession has learned more about endocrinology, how hormones work, and how the human body responds to their effects. HRT reached a turning point in the 1990s as a result of a large study involving women’s health called the Women’s Health Initiative. Part of this study looked at traditional HRT and how it impacted women’s health, and the results were shocking. The study showed larger than expected hormone-related cancers, and consequently, women were almost immediately taken off their HRT regimens. This left women searching for relief from the symptoms of menopause: hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain, mood swings, osteoporosis, sleeplessness, and more. To fill this void, compounding pharmacies began working with providers to remedy the problem by providing comprehensive options in education and custom-fit HRT. Check out this month’s “Topic of the Month” on our Facebook page or call the store for more information about your current options regarding Hormone Replacement Therapy.


Did you know that some of our most loyal clients are pets? Well, actually the pet owners, but Warren’s Drug is equipped to handle many difficult pet med problems. We have developed relationships with many local veterinarians who trust us to compound and dispense medications to their patients.

Like humans, many pets need medications that simply are not available as commercially manufactured products and therefore are not available unless “made from scratch” in a compounding pharmacy. We routinely compound pet medications in liquid oral dosage forms, topical gels to be applied to ear flaps, and even some eye drops. Oral medications can be flavored with a variety of pet-friendly choices to suit the palate of almost any animal.

If your pet is in need of medication, ask your veterinarian or call us at Warren’s Drug to inquire how we can help.


Five years ago I told my wife I was done moving. Since college, I have moved no less than 6 times. Two moves ago, I stated emphatically that I would only leave that residence in a pine box. I have always heard that the only certainties in life are death and taxes—well I’m adding moving to that list.

The weekend of August 2-4 Warren’s Drug Store will move across town. We will be open for business in the new location on Monday August 5. Our new store will be located in the old Mebane Pediatrics building, and the address there is 943 S. Fifth St.

We will be open at our current location through regular business hours on Friday August 2. However, we will be closed on Saturday August 3 for the move.

We ask for your patience as we go through this process. Any refills that will come due on Saturday August 3, please call us ahead of time so we can take care of you.

We are very excited to move to the new location and establish ourselves, centrally located within Mebane’s prime healthcare district. We look forward to continuing relationships with our current...


We have all heard it: “eat less and move more”, or “you need to increase your exercise routine”, or “diet and exercise”, etc.. etc..

What does it all mean? What are they really saying?

The Western lifestyle we all tend to lead, which includes things like deadlines and work stress, home stress from running our children from one function to another, fast food eating on the run, and traffic jams—all topped off with breathing in and being exposed to all kinds of toxic pollution, where does this leave us?

Our bodies are designed to deal with acute stress—fight or flight. In acute stress (for example we come across a bear in the woods), our adrenal glands secrete enormous amounts of cortisol (the stress hormone) which allows us to have super-human strength to either run from the bear or fight it. Once the bear is gone, the cortisol levels fall, and we are back to normal. However, under conditions of chronic stress (the Western lifestyle) our bodies are tricked into thinking we are running from the bear ALL THE TIME! Therefore, cortisol levels remain elevated which...


Not all people are created equal, people are different. For this reason, clothing manufacturers make lots of different sizes of clothing to choose from. They also make different colors and patterns because people also like different things. Medicine is no different. The major pharmaceutical manufacturers provide us with a variety of different drugs and dosage forms, but not everyone can take what they provide or in the dosage form the drug is provided in.

Not all pharmacies are created equal either, pharmacies are different. The history of the practice of pharmacy is defined by pharmaceutical compounding. A definition of pharmacy is the “science or practice of the preparation and dispensing of medicinal drugs”. With the advent of modern day mass production of medications by the pharmaceutical industry, this art has faded from the mainstream. However, as long as people are created differently, the need for custom-fit medication will exist, and therefore the need for compounding pharmacies. Compounding pharmacies prepare drugs that are customized to the dose or dosage form...


I love April, it’s my favorite month of the year. Green grass, budding leaves and flowers, warmer days and nights, gardening, golf, cookouts, and a return to life out of doors.

However, there is a downside. Pollen. Since I was 13 years old, I have suffered from spring seasonal allergies, and for years I learned to deal with all the allergy related symptoms that come along with this season. I remember hunting for Easter eggs, in between blowing my nose and scratching my eyes. I no longer wear contact lenses due to the difficulties I had growing up with spring allergies.

Over the years I developed a spring medication routine, and with the move of many highly effective, non-sedating antihistamines and steroid nasal sprays to Over-the-Counter availability, the routine has become much easier.

Beginning in March each year, I take a once daily OTC non-sedating antihistamine and use an OTC steroid nasal spray. This combination not only reduces histamine production, which causes all the runny nose and sneezing, but decreases sinus inflammation to shorten the duration of...


Hot flashes, night sweats, low energy, foggy/fuzzy thinking, mood swings, sleep disturbance, low libido, AND…WEIGHT GAIN

Experiencing any of these symptoms?

Hormone balance is of vital importance to overall health and well-being, not to mention just feeling “your best”. Many people suffer with these symptoms and either think “this is the way I’m supposed to feel at this age”, or go to multiple doctors desperately seeking a diagnosis only to be told “there’s nothing wrong with you”.

There is something you can do about it.

These are common symptoms shared by millions.

Have a discussion with your Warren’s Drug Store health professional about what we can do to help identify the root cause of your symptoms, and what we can do about them.

- Jim