The Benefits of Elderberry Syrup

December is a prime month to get sick. Many of us have children who bring home “bugs” from school, the weather is more conducive to the sharing and spread of germs, and the joys and stresses of the Christmas season make it more likely that we come down with something.

Can we wash our hands enough to avoid it? Not always. It really does come down to the immune system, our final firewall against sickness. Unfortunately, so many things can weaken the immune system: stress, germs, medications, current ailments, and many chronic health conditions, and anything we can do to strengthen it will ultimately help prevent disease.

Elderberry is one such thing. There are many benefits to Elderberry, but at the top of the list is its primary function as an immune system booster.

Studies have been conducted and Elderberry has been shown to help prevent and minimize the severity of common colds and flu, act as an anti-inflammatory in the treatment of sinus infections, improve bowel disorders like constipation, promote healthy skin, ease allergies, and possibly even help prevent certain cancers.

In order to access Elderberry’s essential benefits, preparation is very important. Mass produced versions contain preservatives and sugars, which can negatively impact effectiveness. However, locally grown, harvested, and prepared products with fresher raw ingredients can help unleash Elderberry’s amazing benefits. We are proud to be a provider of such a locally produced product. Dispensed in a glass bottle and kept refrigerated, Elderberry syrup can be an important part of your overall health. Call us or come by the store for more information.