SKINCARE: Protecting the Body’s Largest Organ

Skin is the largest organ of the human body. Your skin serves as a “shield” to protect you from bacterias, viruses, and other potentially harmful agents that you come into physical contact with every day.

It is very important to protect this vital organ and keep it healthy as we age. For example, the skin is exposed almost every day to sunlight, which is good in short doses as it allows your body to absorb important nutrients like Vitamin D, but can be bad if exposed for longer periods due to UV radiation.

There are many OTC Hand and Body Lotion products available, but what are the main differences in these products? First, there are the “every day” lotions--general moisturizers that are focused on basic dry skin and beauty care. Second, there are “specialized” products that are designed by dermatologists for specific skin problems. Third, comes more “therapeutic” models--developed to treat underlying health and skin problems, and finally “niche” products which are used for very personalized and specific skincare needs. Some of these products are available with “sun protection factor” (SPF) options to further help protect skin during sun exposure.

Call your Warren’s Drug Store pharmacist with your questions regarding which product is right for you, and don’t forget to care for your skin this summer and all year long!